Welcome to the first floor of Nosh and Chow Townhouse. Upstairs from the restaurant this loungey turn-of-the-century floor offering several bars around the inner courtyard. This is the place to meet up for after work, cocktails and music. With superb dj sets, late opening and the warmth of a crackling fire, the first floor soon feels like a second home. Catalan aesthetics is mixed with French decadence.

Friday 17 - 02
Saturday 20 - 02


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Nosh and Chow Courtyard (46 of 51) SynCreativeNosh and Chow Courtyard (46 of 51) SynCreative


A night at Townhouse Nosh and Chow


Townhouse Nosh and Chow is undeniably an exciting destination for those looking to experience an unforgettable night out in Stockholm. This venerable establishment is housed in a beautifully preserved late 19th-century building that has been delicately transformed into a modern hub where the old gracefully meets the new in a harmonious balance.

Upon entering, visitors are greeted with an atmosphere that is both impressive and welcoming, crafted by the renowned Catalan designer Lázaro Rosa Violán. His vision for the space is a finely tuned mix of classic elegance and contemporary chic, immediately making a strong impression.

At Nosh and Chow, guests can embark on a culinary journey that spans continents. The Surfers restaurant on the ground floor offers a menu with Asian influences, inviting patrons on an exciting taste adventure. For those in search of a more inventive dining experience, there’s Nour, located one floor up, serving dishes with an exclusive twist in a stylish setting.

The experience doesn’t stop with the food. Nosh and Chow is also known for its versatile bars. Each bar area has its distinct style and offers everything from sophisticated cocktails to relaxed drinks in a lounge setting. This makes it the perfect venue for both deep conversations and lively nights.

Discover, for example, the Courtyard, which has been significantly refreshed for the summer and offers world-class terrace vibes during the spring and warm months in Stockholm. A menu inspired by Surfers’ own will be available on the terrace, allowing you to enjoy fantastic food well into the early hours.

Located just off Stureplan on the historic Norrlandsgatan, Townhouse Nosh and Chow is easily accessible, making it an ideal starting point for those wanting to explore more of Stockholm after dark. Its central location is also perfect for taking advantage of the proximity to other nightlife and cultural highlights of the city.

Townhouse Nosh and Chow stands out as a place where each visit is unique, not only because of its strategic location or its design but also through its commitment to offering an exceptional experience every time. It is a venue where Stockholm’s historic charm merges with the modern era’s innovative spirit.

For those who want to experience Stockholm’s nightlife in a memorable and luxurious way, Townhouse Nosh and Chow is a must-visit destination.

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