New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest nights of the year for dining out. At Nosh and Chow we’ll be celebrating the evening with some refined three-course menu options and carefully selected beverage pairings to capture the decadent tone of the holiday. Our New Year’s Eve menu will include a selection of delicacies such as tuna, beef tenderloin, halibut, and baked celeriac and winter truffle.

To make a dinner reservation and welcome 2019 with a delicious meal, please contact reservations@noshandchow.se

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If you just want to come by for some cocktails and mingle, our bars will be open from 16.00. Grab a glass of Champagne and let the music from our Djs take your evening away!

There will also be special cocktails presented by our Bartenders.

For drink table reservations, please Click here