Experience the best of Christmas in elegant turn-of-the-century venues 4 floors up in Nosh and Chow Townhouse. In our small, intimate halls, we offer an exclusive dinner experience, signed by Christian Hellberg.

"I want to highlight the best of a classic Swedish Christmas dinner. Several of the dining options will be served directly at the table while some will be served on a buffet or in the kitchen.”

If you want to sit privately, you can book a room for yourself up to 45 people.

Welcome to experience a unique Christmas with us!

Christmas Dinner: December 6–21, Monday–Saturday 17–01.

First seat with bookings from 16.30–17.45 = SEK 695
Second session with bookings from 19.00–21.30 = SEK 850
Prices are excluding drinks.

Seating time is estimated to 2,5 hours.

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